We are Golson Media.

Founded in 2002, Golson Media is a quality-focused, academic editorial content producer, recently relocated from New York to Orlando, Florida. We specialize in producing print and multimedia content for leading publishers in library, education, and trade markets, and for associations and societies. 
 For more than a decade, the company has partnered with noted academic editors, thousands of authors for multivolume works, and is increasingly providing digital media, including audio and video, for electronic and web-based product delivery.


Golson Media partners with leading experts in specific fields: For example, S. George Philander at Princeton for the Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change, Yawei Zhang at Yale for the Encyclopedia of Global Health, Clive Svendsen at UW-Madison for the Encyclopedia of Stem Cell Research, among many others. Rodney Carlisle, a retired history professor from Rutgers, serves as our general editor-at-large at Golson Media, covering such topics as politics, intelligence, and U.S. history. Such dynamic associations have resulted in some 25 awards for our work, including for the following notable publications:

Social Media and Politics


Sociology of Work

Sports Management and Marketing

Major Market Strategies

Women in Today's World

About Us

Headed by J. Geoffrey Golson, a 35-year publishing veteran and former publisher at Macmillan USA, Golson Media works with more than 500 academic and freelance authors on projects for publishers like HarperCollins, SAGE Publications, Gale Cengage, Facts On File, M.E. Sharpe, Salem Press, Mission Bell Media, and others. Golson Media partners with General Editors from distinguished universities and Pulitzer Prize-winning authors to work with our select group of creative editors, designers, managers, and full-service staff.


Email: geoff@golsonmedia.com